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Massage Bar - Oatmeal Milk

Massage Bar - Oatmeal Milk

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This all-natural massage bar provides a relaxing experience and stimulates circulation. Its creamy oatmeal and milk scent is soothing, while its special shape makes it ideal for applying pressure and working out muscle tension. Plus, its colloidal oatmeal formulation provides nourishing benefits to the skin. 


*Crafted from Primal Elements MP Oatmeal soap base with all natural mica used for coloring and aroma provided by essential/fragrance oils (All of our Fragrance Oils are free of Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, and SLES).

(All of our soap Creations are made and cut by hand, so actual weight, size, and color may vary.) 


Best suited for all skin types: (those with sensitive skin should patch test product first.) 


How to useLather in your hands, soap pouch or a cloth with water and wash body. Rinse clean when finished. *For external use only. 

Soap Care Instructions: Please store your handmade soap bar in a clean dry place when not in use to extend shelf life.

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