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Exfoliation: Body Polishing Salt Scrub

Exfoliation: Body Polishing Salt Scrub

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Amazing aromas available:

Introducing our *Body Salt Scrubs*, a luxurious blend of all-natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and silky-smooth.

Let’s explore the goodness packed into each jar:

🌿 Dead Sea Salt: Known for its mineral-rich properties, Dead Sea Salt gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and promoting a healthy glow.

🌸 Himalayan Pink Salt: Sourced from ancient salt mines, Himalayan Pink Salt detoxifies and revitalizes the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

🌿 Olive Oil: Our blend includes olive oil, which deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

🥥 Coconut Oil: Rich in antioxidants, coconut oil provides intense hydration and helps maintain skin elasticity.

🌿 Jojoba Oil: Infused with jojoba oil, our scrub offers additional hydration and supports skin health.


Enhanced with pure essential oils such as (this list is not all inclusive, you can contact us directly for other EO benefits):

🌿 Lavender Essential Oil: Calms and reduces stress.

🌿 Vanilla Essential Oil: Infuses a warm, comforting aroma while soothing and calming the skin.

🌿 Peppermint Essential Oil: Aids in pain relief and reduces inflammation.

🌿 Grapefruit Essential Oil: Uplifts and may help with cellulite reduction.


How to Use:

  1. Wet your skin in the shower or bath.
  2. Take a small amount of the Body Salt Scrub and gently massage it onto your skin in circular motions.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Pat dry and enjoy your soft, radiant skin!


Why Choose Our Body Salt Scrubs?

  • All-Natural: No artificial additives or harsh chemicals. 
  • Customizable: Adjust the exfoliation intensity by varying the pressure while massaging the scrub.
  • Self-Care Ritual: Transform your shower routine into a spa-like experience with the soothing scents of lavender, peppermint, and grapefruit.

Treat your skin to the ultimate pampering experience! 🌟

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