Collection: Back to Basics Line of Soap

Looking for the Originals of handmade soap, no frills, just the basics?  Well, this line of soaps is what you are looking for.  The following are what you will find here:

Bare Bar:  Made with sensitive skin in mind, this soap is just the basic skin nourishing oils with no frills.  Scent comes from the oils alone, absolutely no essential/fragrance oils or coloring is added.  AND you still get all the skin loving benefits of the special soap oil mixture especially blended without any nut oils or butters.

Oatmeal Bar: Often seen as the "Miracle of Soaps," Oatmeal adds a variety of goodness to handmade soap, it's like a breakfast buffet for your skin, serving up a delicious array of benefits. Let’s spoon through them:
    1. Soothing Sensation: Oatmeal is a natural anti-inflammatory, perfect for calming sensitive or irritated skin. It’s like a gentle hug for your face and body.
    2. Moisture Maestro: With its lipids and polysaccharides, oatmeal helps maintain your skin’s moisture barrier, keeping it hydrated like a well-watered garden.
    3. Exfoliation Station: The natural saponins in oatmeal make it a mild cleanser that also exfoliates, sweeping away dead skin cells without the need for harsh scrubbing.
    4. Tone and Texture Tamer: Regular use can improve your skin’s tone and texture, making it as smooth and even as a well-rolled oat.
    5. Antioxidant Oasis: Oatmeal is rich in antioxidants, helping to protect your skin from the harsh environmental elements, much like a sturdy umbrella in a rainstorm.
    6. Acne Ally: It can help manage acne symptoms, reducing redness and inflammation like a skilled mediator in a skin dispute.
    7. Dry Skin’s Delight: For those with dry, flaky skin, oatmeal soap is a nourishing treat, providing relief and restoring joy to parched pores.
                  • So, lather up with oatmeal soap and let your skin feast on these wholesome benefits. It’s a simple, natural way to keep your skin looking and feeling oat-standing! 🛁🌾


                  Back to Basics Line of Soap